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Prayers for Amber


Dear Eastern Region Barefooters,

This request came from Midwest Skier, Patrick Blake.

Amber Update and Call to Action:

Please read this whole post. Jen and I saw Amber last night. She was in great spirits, her usual Amber mode. She was sitting up and giving orders to everyone. She has a brace around her neck like a high collar to hold her neck steady while the bones heal, and a soft cast where they rebuilt her right elbow. She liked the cards Jenny made for her.
The prognosis has not changed much from Sunday. She has no motor control from chest down. She has movement in the shoulders but not in the arms and hands. Some of the swelling is down and she can actually lift her left arm with the shoulder muscles, which is faster than the doctors expected. This is all good. The doctors are hopeful that she can eventual get some motion back in her hands. The doctors are not optimistic about anything else. But Amber is a dedicated fighter. If work and perseverance can help bring her back, then Amber’s the one that can get it done.
The plan right now is that she will stay in UW Hospital until Monday. Then she will be going to Rehab Institute of Chicago. That assumes her recovery stays on track until Monday.

Now the Call to action! I have three requests of everyone:

1. Keep praying. Please keep Amber in your thoughts and prayers and stay optimistic for her.
2. The Amber Rangel Fund has been started. Amber is going to have a long hard road back. Long, hard, and COSTLY. We can help put our prayers into actions by giving to the Amber Rangel Fund. 100% of the money given will go directly to Amber and her family to help with the many expenses now and that are ahead of them. Please send checks to The Amber Rangel Fund, c/o Bank First, PO Box 10, Manitowoc, WI, 54221-0010. Thanks to Mike Molepski for setting up this account.
3. Share, Share, Share. Many people that know Amber are not on my facebook. The more we share this information, the more people find how they can help, and the more help we can give to Amber and her family. Share, Share, SHARE.