Skiers of the East

Johnathan Martines – Open Pro Mens Division

Newton Lake, PA
Age: 17
Scranton Preparatory School


PB: 6050 Tricks, 14.4 Slalom, 21.6 meters Jump


World Barefoot Center Sponsored Athlete

2014 World Elite Team – 3rd Overall
2012 World Junior Team – 2nd Overall
2012, 2013 Open Men’s National Overall Champion
2013 Open Pro Men’s National Tricks – 3rd Place
2008,2009 Boys 2 Eastern Regional Overall Champion
2008 Nationals Boys 2 3rd place Tricks, 3rd place Overall
2009 Nationals Boys 2 1st place Tricks, 3rd place Slalom, 3rd place Overall
2010 Eastern Regional Boys 3 Overall
2011 Boys 3 Eastern Regional Overall Champion
2011 Nationals Boys 3 3rd place slalom

Cody Ebbert – Open Pro Mens Division

Stoneboro Lake, PA

Open Pro Men’s Division

2011 Nationals~1st Place Tricks~Open Men’s
2011 WBC Invitational
2012 Regionals~Open Men’s Overall
2012 Nationals~3rd Place Tricks~Open Pro Men’s
2012 Worlds Elite Team Member
2012 Worlds Elite Team~2nd Overall
2013 Regionals~Open Pro Men’s Overall
2013 Nationals~2nd Place Overall~Open Pro Men’s
2014 Worlds Elite Team Member
2014 Worlds Elite Team~3rd Overall
2014 Worlds~3rd Place Tricks~Open Pro Men’s
2014 Regionals~Open Pro Men’s Overall
2014 Nationals~Open Men’s Overall

John E. Martines– Men’s 3johnm
Newton Lake, PA

Tricks: 1710
Slalom: 8.1
Jump: 15.0

2013 U.S. Nationals Men’s 3 Slalom – Bronze Metal
2010 Nationals Trick 4th Place
Regional Competitor 1986-1994, 1999, 2008-2013
1988 Boys 3 Tricks ~ 1st Place
1989 Boys 3 Trick ~ 2nd Place
1990 Mens I Trick, Jump, Overall 1st Place
Appears in Hot Rockin’ Feet 2 Video

Greg (Cody’s Dad) Ebbert – Men’s 4Greg E
Stoneboro Lake, PA

Tricks: 2285
Slalom: 8.6
Jump: 11.0

2011 Nationals Jump~2nd Place
2011 Regionals Tricks~2nd Place~~Jump~1st~~Slalom~3rd Place~~1st Place Overall
2010 Regionals Tricks~1st Place~~Jump~3rd Place~~2nd Place Overall
2009 Nationals Tricks~3rd Place
2009 Regionals Tricks~1st Place~~Slalom~2nd Place~~1st Place Overall
2008 Nationals Tricks~3rd Place
2008 Regionals Tricks~2nd Place~~Slalom~2nd Place~~3rd Place Overall


Diane Schaupp – Womans 2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Stoneboro Lake, PA

Part of the Stoneboro Lake Barefoot Crew for 10+ years
First competed at the 2009 Eastern Regional Tournament.
Womens 2 Eastern Region 2009 – 1st place tricks, 1st place wakes, 1st place overall.
Womens 2 Eastern Region 2010 – 1st place tricks, 1st place wakes, 1st place overall.
Womens 2 Eastern Region 2011 – 1st place tricks, 2nd place wakes, 1st place overall.



Lorraine Burio Piskura – Womans 4IMG_0045
New Fairfield, CT

Born 1/3/61
Lives in New Fairfield Ct.
Married to Jim Piskura
Started Barefooting in 1991
First Tournament- Barefoot Kahuna
First Nationals-1992- Jacksonville Florida
Womens Trick and Jump Champion numerous times
Womens Trick and Jump Record holder
First Sr. Womens overall Champion 1999- Houston Tx.
Skied 2010 Worlds in Germany as an Independent in all 3 events
Womens 4 National Overall Champion 2011- Waco Tx.

Don Stoppe – Mens 4donstoppe
Ashland, NH

Born in 1961 and now lives in Ashland New Hampshire. He learned to ski at age 5 and started barefooting with a ski belt at 12. Lessons started for him in 1988. His first tournament was the Neversink 9 Barefoot tournament in New Jersey as a novice. He competed in the Vermont Barefoot Blasts from 1994 through 1998 with a Men’s 2 first place in tricks as his highlight. Don took more then a decade off from competing due to back problems and returned in 2010 to the tournament scene. Don and his wife Arlene host a weekly adaptive water ski clinic on Squam Lake for people with challenges and have hosted the wounded warrior water ski event for the last several years. In 2011 Malibu boats built a 2006 style Response Barefoot Edition for Don which is being used in tournaments this summer. He usually has his Golden Retriever, “Tracker” by his side. His first dog, Rex performed with him for many years in the Abanakee Water Ski Show on Lake Winnepesaukee, New Hampshire. Don was the barefoot act and Rex rode separately in a tube.

Jim Piskura – Mens 4Jim P
New Fairfield, CT

Born 5/5/1961
Lives in Married to Lorraine Burio
Started Barefooting in 1985
First Tournament 1986 Eastern Regionals
First Nationals 1987 Houston Tx
Tournament Director of “Barefooting Kahuna” 1989-1998
Tournament Organizer of Candlewood Marathon 1999-2011
Men’s 4 Overall National Champion 2010
Men’s 4 Jump Champion 08,10,11

Joseph Malenfant, Jr – Mens 5Joe M
Colchester, VT
54 Years Young
Married for 28 1/2 years
My wife Laurie supports all we ever do 100%
I have 2 children (Ashley 24 and Jordan 21)
Both love water sports, soccer and moto-cross
I live in Have resided there for 26 years
Built my own house
I have worked at IBM in Essex Jct., VT for 34 years
Technical specialist
Several inventions to my credit
Always a challenge and never a dull moment

Barefooting Experience:
Learned to water-ski at the age of 7 years old
I learned to barefoot at the age of 15 years old
I started traditional tournament skiing in 1975
I started barefoot tournament skiing in 1978
Local endurance combined with starts
Helped develop the Green Mountain Water-ski Club 1978 – 1998
Performed traveling shows and promoted water sports around New England
Ran 4 local tournaments annually
Helped setup countless tournaments for other areas
Taught countless people to barefoot across New England
Organized Vermont’s first 3 event barefoot tournament, 1980 ish
Attended my first National Championships in 1986
Have been to every one since then
Received my first National skiing medal in 1995 ish
Have earned two total U.S. Nationals
Received my first National’s official appointment in 1995
Became a Senior judge in 2001
Became a Level 1 judge in 2002
Received my first World appointment in 2002
Have been appointed to 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012 worlds.
Served as the ACJ for the 2008 World Championships
Served as CJ for the 2010 World Championships
CJ of 2007 and 2008 Nationals
Served 5 terms as an ABC BOD member in the 1990’s
Served two terms as East region Executive Director
Have been a member on the US Team Selection committee for 9 years
US Nationals Record Committee Chairman
Current ABC President
Currently in my second term
Served 2 years as ABC VP (2007 & 2008)
Current PanAm Council member
Current WBC council member for PA confederation
Current WBC Officials Committee Chair

Jess CasertaJess C
Somers Point, New Jersey
National and Regional Competitor since 1986
Slalom 10.1, Tricks 1540, Jump 16.0





James D. Kovaleski – Men’s 5 or 6?jimk

Newton Lake, PA
National and Regional Competitor
Slalom 13.3, Tricks 1350, Jump 15.7


Matt Holt

Coventry, Rhode Island

Regional Competitor
Slalom 4.2, Tricks 960

Ken Deblois
Coventry, Rhode Island

Regional Competitor

Niki and Billy Brzoza
Coventry, Rhode Island

Billy – Open Pro Mens
Slalom 18.6, Tricks 5030, Jump 26.2
Competed in the first X-Games

Niki – Open Womans
Slalom 11.4, Tricks 1500, Jump 13.7

Danielle Don
Somers Point, New Jersey
National and Regional Competitor since 1986
Slalom 4.4, Tricks 760




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